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  • Claire Doughty

What is an email up-scribe strategy?

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

What is up-scribing?

If you’re serious about growing your business, you’ll need to work on developing your email

subscriber base. This is working on your UP-scribing.

Subscriber emails allow you to maintain an active dialogue with your customers and clients,

as they’ve opted ‘in’ to receive and read your updates. But to retain them and build on this

foundation, it’s essential to provide targeted and relevant content.

They’re typically passive, no matter your ‘count’ on social media or website clicks. Yes, they are potential customers, but they are also scrolling through a slew of content, and you have only moments to engage them.

Email serves as a direct channel of communication, and despite what many think, it’s a more effective platform than other marketing channels, as you’re effectively preaching to the converted.

Encouraging it.

How great would it be if your audience told someone who told someone about how great

your content is? You could be passively and actively up-scribing just because your

content is engaging, relevant and informative.

Subscription engagement could lead to prospective new business and client engagement. Sound good? Then read on - here are a few pointers to help you attract and retain more subscribers.

Designing a lead magnet.

To grow your email list and build a healthy subscriber list, you need a way to attract

prospects among your target audience.

A lead magnet is a lead that generates interest in you and what you offer. This could be

anything from an ebook, a discount, or a free trial of your service. Whatever you choose, the

content should be appealing enough to drive subscriptions.

The value of being seen.

Although email marketing beats social media marketing regarding return on

investment (ROI), social media still offers exposure opportunities. Social media platforms

are a great place to gain new interest, and you can develop your audience of subscribers

from this initial interest.

Tell your followers about opportunities they can experience when they become subscribers,

then craft a landing page and welcome series specifically for subscribers from social media.

This will help you provide a seamless transition from your social media page to your email


Make value-adding easy.

Make subscribing to your brand news as easy as possible. Use clear and concise copy,

be direct, employ a simple design, and ensure your subscription form is visible on your website.

Providing value for subscriptions is critical. Remember to keep your promise

of providing your audience with regular and relevant content – this is the reason they signed

up, after all.

Something short and sweet will remind your up-scribers that you are there, doing what you

do and happy to help when they need it. At Brand Warrior, we can help you define your

audience, identify their needs and create engaging content that speaks to them.

We bring ideas to life and help your business thrive - get in touch by emailing


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