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Why you should invest in content marketing.

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Content is key in digital marketing, and we’re here to tell you why you should be making it a priority for your brand.

So, what exactly is content marketing?

Content marketing focuses on delivering informational value to your audience instead of focusing on sales. It’s about storytelling, informing your customers why your brand is worth buying through its story. Content marketing includes blogs, email campaigns, videos, photos, and social media posts and is about establishing a relationship with your audience over time. It bridges your services, product, and customers and is a brand-building exercise.

What are some of the benefits of content marketing?

Where do we start? There are several reasons why investing in content marketing is beneficial to your business. Firstly, it increases brand awareness and loyalty, heightening the potential for conversion.

How? You’re engaging and informing a potential new audience about the value of your services or product tactfully – as you’re simply telling your audience rather than advertising your product to them.

Another benefit is more traffic on your website and enhanced visibility. For example, if you cross-post a blog from your website and share this on your social media channels, you’re potentially tapping into a new audience and driving that traffic to your website.

Lastly, content marketing is cost-effective – it only costs your time!

How do I get started?

At Brand Warrior, we recommend starting your content marketing journey by creating blogs on your website.

Why? Every time you create and publish a blog, it’s one more indexed page on your website – meaning there is more opportunity for your business to show up on the search engine results page and drive traffic to your website.

Another great thing about blogs? As already suggested, you can repurpose this content for social media. So, you can either share this blog directly on your social pages or take key sections out of the blog with a call to action for people to read the entire entry on your website – which converts more traffic to your website.

Tips for creating your content:

- Find your authentic brand voice

- Don’t be afraid to tell a story

- Look at the content of your competitors and use this as a benchmark

- Create a social media strategy

While content marketing is effective, it can take time to see the results, so go easy on yourself. Remember, content creation takes time, dedication, and patience.

If you still have questions on content marketing, don’t be afraid to contact our friendly team at Brand Warrior Communications.


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