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Hashtags! They’re everywhere on Instagram and Linked In… and sometimes even on Facebook. But what are they, why do people use them, and how do they use them?

Well, here’s a lesson or two for you, and trust us, once you know how, you’ll have a heap of fun adding them to your posts.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a label for content. It helps others who are interested in a particular topic to quickly find relevant content. A hashtag looks something like this: begin with a ‘#’ symbol, followed by a word or phrase without spaces (e.g. #love #valentinesday #2021). And when used correctly, hashtags can be an incredibly effective tool for business development… here’s why!

1. Get More Followers

It goes without saying that most people want more followers! Adding relevant hashtags to your posts will help you reach users who may be unfamiliar with your brand or even unaware that your business exists. In the marketing world, these people are known as non and light buyers and they are the key to growth! After all, you can’t expect to gain new followers if your posts only ever reach your existing followers.

Check out our Build Your Brand Like A Warrior musing for more information on how to grow your brand!

2. Reach Your Target Audience

Of course, the whole point of posting on social media is to reach your audience and tell your story, and hashtags make it easy for you to reach them in two ways.

Firstly, your posts will appear in the news feeds of those who follow one or more of the hashtags that you add. And secondly, when social media users search for a specific topic, all posts that contain the hashtag will appear in their search results – including yours!

3. Increase Follower Engagement

There is no denying that users who engage with your brand on social media are more likely to consider making a purchase. Now, this is great news considering posts with one or more hashtags receive 12.6% more engagements on average than hashtag-less posts!

And what’s more, the more relevant hashtags you add, the more likely your followers are likely to engage with your brand – posts with 11+ hashtags receive 442% more engagements than posts without hashtags. If that’s not a good reason to add hashtags to your post, we’re not sure what is?!

So, now that you understand why hashtags are important, there may still be a lot of questions floating in your mind, like….

» How do I use hashtags?

» Where do I put hashtags?

» How do I know which hashtags to use?

» Where do I find relevant hashtags?”

Fortunately, we are one step ahead of you and will provide you with a little (or a lot) of insight into these questions in our next blog. In the meantime, if you need assistance with anything hashtag-related, feel free to contact us. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the world of hashtags!


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