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*DISCLAIMER* – Before sinking your teeth into this juicy read, we highly recommend checking out our previous blog, WhatThe#?

Alright, so now that you understand why hashtags are important, get ready to have the rest of your questions about hashtags – ANSWERED! We’ll guide you on a journey of discovery, to help you understand and ultimately navigate the world of hashtags. Strap yourself in and get ready for the ride…

How Many Do I Use?

When it comes to deciding how many hashtags to use, there isn’t a magic number! One study found that posts with 11+ hashtags received the best engagement. Instagram allows users to post up to 30 hashtags, so we recommend posting as many RELEVANT hashtags as you can!

Unlike Instagram, there is no limit on the number of hashtags that you are able to use on Twitter, however, Twitter does not recommend using more than 2 hashtags in a Tweet.

Where Do I Put Them?

When it comes to posting hashtags, you have two options:

- add them to the caption OR

- post them in the first comment.

Essentially there is no functional difference in posting them in either location, so it’s completely up to you! Personally, we prefer posting them in the comments to avoid cluttering the caption; however, if your followers are quick to comment, you want to reconsider this strategy as you may miss out on the opportunity to comment first.

Which Ones Do I Use and Where Do I Find Them?

Ultimately, the key is to include POPULAR hashtags that are RELVANT to your brand and your post. And there are a couple of ways of find these (metaphorical) gems!

One of the best ways of finding relevant hashtags is by searching for a keyword or hashtag on Instagram and clicking on the ‘Tags’ tab at the top. Simply, select the most popular hashtags from the list – hashtags that have been used thousands, if not millions of times are the way to go!

Hashtagify.me can also make it easy to find the best hashtags for your brand, however a subscription is required to gain access.

Using the same hashtags as Instagram influencers who have the same (or a similar) target audience, might also be a good idea. To date, the top 10 Instagram Hashtags of all time are listed below:

1. #love

2. #instagood

3. #photooftheday

4. #fashion

5. #beautiful

6. #like4like

7. #picoftheday

8. #art

9. #happy

10. #photography

Well, hopefully by now you feel as though you have a much better understanding of everything hashtag-related! But if you do still have questions, don’t be afraid to reach out and contact us!

We are happy to generate relevant hashtags for your business or simply just generally be of assistance – after all, we are here to help!